Archibaldchess Blitz Cup.

We are happy  to announce the start of our Archibaldchess Blitz Cup series which will take place on Chess. com ! Prize fund is 2000$, free entry fee! For the details refer to the Regulations  below…

Regulations of the Archibaldchess Blitz Cup

1. Organizers:
“Archibaldchess” Ltd. (organized 5 live tournaments with total
prize fund 150000 Euro for the past year) provides the guaranteed payment of the prize fund to the winners.

2. Playing zone:
“”, Club “Archibaldchess” (a player needs to join this club to follow the news and additional information regarding the tournament)
At the time mentioned in the “Schedule” (see below) a player must 1) log in the, 2) find the tournament with the name “Archibaldchess Blitz Cup” in the list of tournaments and 3) join it (better do it beforehand otherwise You risk to miss the last train 🙂 – the game will start automatically.

3. Tournament:
8 weekly (regular) and 1 final tournament, time control – 3+0,
9 rounds, Swiss system.

4. Who can play:
– Players with current classic Elo rating under 2500, who
register in our facebook page and make a
repost of each regular and a final event on their facebook page.
– Players need to have their real names open (e.g., Ivan_Ivanov, John_Smith) in the account and have at least 50+ games played with 3+0 time control, otherwise he/she will be considered suspicious for cheating. The spelling of the player’s name should match his/her name in the FIDE rating list.
– To play in the final tournament and get a prize You need to play at least 6 regulars and complete all the abovementioned demands of the organizers.

5. Entry fee:
Free to all players with the required abovementioned criteria.

6. Prizes:
The prize fund of the 8 regulars is 200$, which is distributed as follows:
1. 50$
2. 40$
3. 25$
4. 20$
5. 15$
6. 10$
7. 10$
8. 10$
9. 10$
10. 10$

The prizes of the final tournament are doubled, as compared to the regular ( 1st – 100$, 2nd – 80$ and so on to the 10th – 20$).

All the payments for the prize-winners who fulfilled the demands for participation and out of cheating reports will be made directly after the final tournament to the their accounts (bank account, virtual money account).

7. Anticheating measures:
There will be created an appealing committee (further – “AC”) in the face of:
GM Sergey Beshukov (RUS) – head of the “Archibaldchess”
GM Kirill Bryzgalin (RUS) – manager of the “Archibaldchess”
IM Sergiy Zavgorodniy – coordinator of the Archibaldchess blitz Cup.

The “AC” will review the cases of unfair play and cheating. The “AC” leaves itself a right to ban a player found guilty with cheating and in case he/she takes a prize to give it to the next person according to the final table.

8. Schedule of tournament:
All the tournaments will start at 19:00 p.m. (+2 GMT)
1. 2nd February
2. 9th February
3. 16th February
4. 23rd February
5. 2nd March
6. 9th March
7. 16th March
8. 23rd March
9. 30th March (Final)

9. Pairings and final standings are made and defined automatically by the “”.