What is the main difference between our Tournaments of Chess Amateurs and the usual chess tournaments? Why have we decided that we are able to offer the world something new?

In recent days and weeks and almost every day we must explain to everyone from grandmaster to those who barely knows the rules of the game what is the fundamental difference between our Tournaments of Chess Amateurs and the usual chess tournaments?

Why have we generally decided that we are able to offer the world something fundamentally new? People have been playing it for decades, and they are quite happy with themselves.

The main thing, although not the only charge to the modern chess format – they ceased to be a holiday! Stop touching, really worried people. Now it’s impossible to imagine the madmen who were storming the halls in the agitation, where significant chess events took place, and see kilometer queues for tickets. Today you will not remove the “Chess fever” of 1925, with Capablanca in the role of yourself. All this has been at once, but then it has been gone away somewhere. And, alas, no one sheds tears because of this.

Having rummaged in your own memories, you will understand that any qualitatively made sports show, concert, show, even a trip to the casino is always an anticipation of something new, unusual, not seen… You feel the inner trembling, anticipation, plunging into this world entirely, without remnant. And then, walking away, look back hundred times again to keep memories of this in your souls – and you will certainly want to repeat them again and again.

And what do you feel before you going to the chess tournament? When you enter the playing hall, do you see the arranged figures, the concentrated positions of the players before the game? Let’s be honest with ourselves: ”almost nothing”. There is no any secrecy in this for a long time.

Now someone will say that “a true chess amateur” is used to watching the game at home, on the computer screen and listening to comments of the famous commentators.

But it’s the same to say that a true football fan is the one who watches it on TV! But even in such a surrogate form of emotion and splash. In addition, any game is trying to be shown on the “TV” by such way that you would have got a full feeling if you were on the field with the players. But, despite all these tricks, nothing can compare with the visit to the stadium in reality.

In chess, there is practically no difference. And there are no emotions like that.

And where there is no emotion, there is no show! And there is no interested viewer. This is the law of the genre. After all, who pays, he orders music. And who pays in chess? There are no tribunes and spectators, no one sells souvenirs, and exactly because of this there are no sponsors who want to associate with this product. So, whatever one may say, chess in its current expression is not a sport.

We immediately nodded. Yes, chess is culture! In the proof will lead chamber concerts of classical music or art galleries with their eternally half empty halls. Maybe, but … I really do not want to put on my felt sneakers and look reverently from the hall to Rodin’s figures for boards.

No, it will not work – you need a splash of emotions, mood and jim. And if we can not change the FORMAT OF THE CHESS PARTY in any way, in this case we should try to change the ATMOSPHERE itself. Make it as relaxed and friendly as possible.
We need to create such an atmosphere as relaxed and friendly as possible, so that the participants at the stop of their clocks (as the sign of loosing) there would be no feelings that their hearts had been stopped.

For a second it stopped, and then it went off. The player must understand, despite everything that life is to be continued. And if they are not lucky in the just-played game, he will have the next one, and many more follow ones. Not only tomorrow, according to the regulations, but right now! how much you want and when you want.

As we think: ”In general, the lack of an entertainment program is the death of chess”. It is necessary to organize Our Tournament in such manner that the eyes of players and their friends run from possibilities. And the choice of classes for the evening during the Tournament of amateurs would be just as exciting as the choice of the debut variants for the upcoming game.

When there are many events, and there is a friendly atmosphere the weight of each of them decreases. But the mood is the same.

You have the opportunity to check it yourself at the nearest Belgrade Amateur Chess Tournament.

-to go to our site,
-choose the section of REGISTRATION,
-fill out the form,
-and pay the “package”:
*For the participant of chess amateur tournament is to be needed to pay 200 euro.
Not a word about the prizes. Without an appropriate atmosphere, these are dead numbers …
Welcome to Belgrade, dear chess friends!